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You have probably been looking around for the best deal you can get on a set of cheap alloy wheels for your vehicle. Well look no further, our web site lists the latest deals on new and used alloy wheels available right now on eBay.  Use our very own search below to locate alloy wheels for your vehicle.


Tips for buying alloy wheels online

One way of greatly enhancing the look of your car, which is both highly effective and simple, is to introduce some stylish alloy wheels. However, there are a huge variety of styles available and obtaining the most suitable for your car will require some thought. Here are a few things you will need to know when buying alloy wheels online.

Knowing the Difference

Most wheels that have been fitted to cars when they are manufactured will be steel wheels. This is generally because they are both cheaper and tend to be more resistant to damage. However, alloy wheels are generally considerably more lightweight, larger in both width and diameter and, for certain, are infinitely more attractive. On a more technical level however, the most important difference with regard to alloys is that switching to them will reduce what is called `the upsrung weight` of your car. In simple terms, fitting alloys could both improve steering and braking performance.

Understanding the Offset

One point you will have to check when ordering your alloys online will be related to what is known as the `offset`. This is essentially the distance there is between the wheel`s centreline and the hub mounting face, which is generally found on the back of the wheel. The offset will be engraved or stamped onto the wheel and will usually be measured in millimetres. There are essentially three different types of offset; positive, negative and zero. Positive offset means the wheel will have its mounting face at the front of the wheel, negative offset wheels will have it at the back while zero offset wheels have the mounting face in line with the centreline.

Understanding the PCD

The PCD of a wheel refers to the `pitch circle diameter.` Essentially this relates to a circle that can be drawn across the centre of the bolt holes on the wheel. PCD is, like the offset, also measured in millimetres but will also refer to the precise number of bolts or studs your wheel will have. Knowing the PCD of the wheel you want will be necessary before you purchase.

Understanding Centrebore

Another technical term you may come across is the `centrebore` of a wheel. This basically relates to the size of the hole in the centre of the wheel through which the car`s hub will be fitted. In order to ensure that your alloy wheels are the perfect fit, the centrebore will need to match the size of the hub precisely. In addition, there exist two basic types of wheel in this sense, the `hub-centric` and the `lug centric`. The important point here is that in the case of the latter the condition of your studs will be far more critical and should be replaced every few thousand miles.

Up-stepping or Plus-Sizing

When purchasing your alloys you will have the option of up-stepping or plus-sizing them. In simple terms, this means purchasing larger diameter wheels and then fitting lower profile tyres to them so as you end up with the same overall diameter. The advantages of this method include the fact that the handling performance of your car will be greatly improved. The look of the car will also likely be much better. On the downside however, sites such as have noted how the quality of the ride can be significantly reduced and the low profile tyres are likely to be considerably more expensive.

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20x105 Machined Black Wheel Concept One CS 5 5x120 25
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18x9 Black Machined Wheel TIS 538MB 5x45 5x5 12
20 Inch Satin Black Wheels Rims LIFTED Jeep Wrangler JK XD Series 20x10 Set of 5
20x105 Gunmetal Wheel Concept One CSM7 5x120 42
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20 Inch Wheels Rims Black Jeep Wrangler JK XD Series XD128 5x5 SET OF 4 20x10
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15 Ford Focus Factory 00 04 Wheels 2000 2004 OEM Rims Silver Alloy 3366
16 Oldsmobile Intrigue Wheels 1998 2002 OEM Factory 98 99 00 02 Stock Rims 6038
17 Pontiac Grand Prix Stock 2005 2007 Rim Stock Wheel Factory OEM 6589
16 Chevy Impala Wheels Factory OEM Alloy Rims Monte Carlo 2003 2004 2005 5164
18 Chevy Malibu Wheel Factory OEM Silver Alloy 2008 2012 Rim 5361
16 Ford Focus Factory 08 09 10 11 Wheel 2008 2011 OEM Rim Silver Alloy 3703
16 Pontiac Grand Prix Factory Wheels Rims OEM 1997 1998 1999 2000 Machine 6527
20 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT 8 Factory FRONT Polished 2008 2010 Wheel Rim 9082
15 Ford Mustang Wheels Rims OEM Factory Stock Silver 1994 1995 3087
16 Oldsmobile Intrigue Wheels 98 99 00 OEM Factory Silver Stock Alloy Rims 6030
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